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Multi Transient is a multi band transient designer that gives you complete control over the shape of your tracks! Multi Transient isolates the transients of your audio and allows you to control the intensity of the transient and of the sustain! It’s multi band design allows you to fine tune where in the spectrum the attack and sustain should be shaped!

Tighten up a tubby kick drum, remove unwanted room tone, emphasize the decay of your toms, transform guitar DI’s, add brilliance to a vocal, and so much more! Multi Transient is not threshold dependent, meaning even the most dynamic of snare drums will be consistently shaped without worrying about automating a threshold like you would need to do on a compressor! Multi Transient is the ultimate tool for bringing out the power and potential of your audio!

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Multi Transient’s interface is divided into 2 main sections. The Master section includes controls for the overall output of the plugin, and the band channels allow additional independent control of 4 frequency ranges. Each section includes several common controls. These are:

The Attack parameter controls the strength of the detected transients.
A high attack will increase the perceived attack of an instrument, giving the impression of a high velocity note being played.
A low attack will give the opposite effect.

The Sustain parameter controls the strength of the detected sustained signal post-transient.
A high sustain will increase the amplitude of the sustain portion of the signal, allowing you to increase the decay of the source.
A low sustain will give the opposite effect.

The 2X control doubles the effect of the respective Attack and Sustain controls.

Activates a clipper on the output of each respective section, which gives the output of Multi Transient a hard digital ceiling. This can be used to control the strength of the transients when the 2X switch is activated by clipping the transient if it gets too hot. For exaggerated clipped effects, push into the clipper using the Output control.

The Master section includes the Input, Output, Attack, Sustain, Respective 2X controls, Clip, Phase, and Bypass controls.

The Input knob allows you to control the level being fed into Multi Transient. Since each channel includes a Clipper, we can control the intensity of the clipping by adjusting the input. There is no input meter, allowing you to dial in the right amount based on the results you’re hearing without focusing on a meter reading..

Dials in the right amount of output gain using a linear output circuit.

Inverts the polarity of the plugin’s output.

Brings Multi Transient in and out of bypass.

Band Channels
4 independent channels of transient shaping which are fed by the crossover filters. The channels include a channel On switch, Cutoff control for the crossovers, Mix knob, Clip switch, Attack, Sustain, and 2X switch. The Treble channel features a Master Mix control in place of the Cutoff control.

Switches the channel on and off.
When off, the audio from the channel is muted.
When on, the audio from the channel is affected by the settings of the channel.

Blends between the completely dry signal and the output of the channel’s transient detection and shaping circuit. Allows you to find just the right overall blend of the shaped signal, or to create more subtle parallel transient shaping effects.

Crossover filter for each of the 4 bands.
The Bass Channel’s Crossover range is from 22 Hz to 1 kHz.
The Low Mids Channel’s Crossover range is from 1 kHz to 4 kHz.
The High Mids Channel’s Crossover range is from 4 kHz to 22 kHz.

     Multi Transient is available in VST/VST3/RTAS/AAX and AU* on Mac & Windows in both 32 & 64 bit versions. 
    *AU is only available on Mac.

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