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Head Crusher

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Head Crusher

Head Crusher is a saturation unit giving you the flavor of 5 popular analog circuits pushed to their limits.
The resulting saturation takes the user from subtle shaping to sonic oblivion, and everywhere in between.
Head Crusher can add warmth, dimensionality, texture, and intensity!

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The Interface:

Input / Output
The input and output section includes the DRIVE, OUTPUT, CRUSH/TORTURE, CLEAN/ASSASINATE, and MIX parameters.

Turn up the drive, and turn up the vibe! This knob feeds the input signal into the analog circuits, taking you from subtle to severe!

Dial in the right amount of output gain. This dial can be linear or non-linear, depending on the “CLEAN / ASSASINATE” control’s settings.

Pick how much signal the Drive control feeds into the analog circuits. CRUSH feeds the original input signal. Use CRUSH when you want more subtle saturation from the drive control.
TORTURE doubles the level of the signal being fed into the circuit. Use TORTURE when you want a more obvious saturation effect.

Pick the behavior of the Output control.
CLEAN adds linear transparent output control to HEAD CRUSHER. Use CLEAN when you wish to avoid further coloring the sound as you dial in the amount of output gain you need.
ASSASINATE adds non-linear behavior to the output control through a proprietary combination of limiting and clipping. Use ASSASINATE when you need to drive the output signal.

Blends between the completely dry signal and the output of HEAD CRUSHER’s saturation circuits. Use MIX for parallel saturation effects, or to automate between fully wet and dry sounds.

Continuously Variable Low Cut Filter. Use LOW CUT when you wish to filter out muddy frequencies.

Continuously Variable High Cut Filter. Use HIGH CUT when you wish to filter out harsh top end frequencies.

Adds resonance to the Low Cut and High Cut filters. Use Q for creative sculpting of your audio.

A tilt eq circuit. Use TONE for fast sound sculpting to help you fit your sources into your mix.

A side chain low cut filter with a range from 50 Hz to 500 Hz. Use SC when you wish to keep the low end from triggering saturation, similar to a side chain filter on many compressors.

The Circuit section includes the AMERICAN, BRITISH, VINTAGE, PRISTINE, and RAZOR circuits, inspired 5 infamous circuit types famous for their saturation and overdrive effects when abused. These circuits are not directly modeled from physical hardware, but rather inspired by the magic of these units and approximated by ear for a more musical and unique saturation effect you won’t find elsewhere.

Based on a famous American made console channel pushed to the extreme, AMERICAN’s saturation is great for emphasizing the midrange on high drive settings while bringing a subtle amount of character on more subtle settings. This circuit is warm, yet transparent.

Based on a famous British made console channel pushed to the extreme, BRITISH’s saturation is excellent for bringing out low end transients and fattening up the low midrange while smoothing out the top end. This circuit is punchy where it counts.

Based on a tube console channel from the early days of recording technology, VINTAGE’s saturation is full of gooey character. With a smooth top end, and a subtle midrange bump, this circuit is great for removing harshness and adding vintage vibe to your DAW!

Based on modern “uncolored” transistor based console preamp designs, PRISTINE’s saturation is excellent for adding the crunchy vibe of modern legendary units to your audio! This quality makes it excellent for aggressive styles of music!

Based on PRISTINE’s circuit on a bad day, RAZOR is an emulation of a transistor based circuit that’s in need of service. The resulting saturation is brutal, and the character of this circuit is somewhat more lo-fi and harsh. A great texture when you need it!

The VU Meter displays the peak value of the output, and includes ON and OVERSAMPLING.

Brings HEAD CRUSHER in and out of bypass. When the light is on, HEAD CRUSHER is active. When the light is off, HEAD CRUSHER is in bypass

Activates HEAD CRUSHER’s internal oversampling algorithm.

 Head Crusher is available in VST/VST3/RTAS/AAX and AU* on Mac & Windows in both 32 & 64 bit versions. 
*AU is only available on Mac.

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