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Discharge Amp Pack

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*Requires Grind Machine II

Discharge is an expansion pack for our acclaimed Grind Machine II, bringing an essential collection of brutal tones to your DAW!

Knuckle Smooth emulates a knuckle headed metal monster, modded for a smoother top end and beefier lows

Knuckle emulates the original knuckle headed metal monster

KRK RV Fat emulates a revolutionary amp cranked to the max, modded with a beefier bottom end and a more present midrange

KRK RV emulates the original revolutionary amp cranked to the max by some of the godfathers of metal

Ramses is an original design blending the Viper (below) with the preamp of a forgotten 1970’s analog console

The Bomber is an original design based on the high gain monster used in our Dominator plugin, but bigger and less forgiving

Ultra JCM emulates a rock guitar legend, modded with a pushed input section for more punishing grind

Viper emulates a German boutique amp commonly hailed as the “Holy Grail” of metal tones


This expansion pack requires Grind Machine II

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